Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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HQ Trivia for Android: Everything you need to know

What you need to get started with the hottest trivia game for Android!

We love trivia games. Whether they be on the television or at the table-top, quiz and trivia games have been a long-time favorite for a lot of people. HQ Trivia is the evolution of everything from those old black and white shows from yesteryear through to today's newest tech, all mashed together into one heck of a fun app.
HQ can be a lot of fun, and with a chance to win real money — a lot of it — everyone is playing! Each game averages around one million players, with prime time and weekend games regularly surpassing two million players. Prizes range from $5,000 to $300,000 and are split between the players who make it through all 12 questions. Do you have what it takes to win HQ?

June 1, 2018 — HQ Trivia is giving away big money throughout the NBA Finals!

HQ Trivia has announced an insane sponsorship with the mobile game Toon Blast that will deliver some crazy big prize pools throughout the NBA Finals. Game one saw $100,000 up for grabs (with 4000 winners getting $25 each) and HQ plans to increase the prize pool by $100k per game throughout the Finals — with a potential Game Seven trivia game with $700,000 up for grabs!
HQ also popped a surprise game during halftime of a new "HQ Sports" trivia game. It seemed to be a test that was made available to some players but could be a sign of big things to come as HQ continues to expand its trivia empire. The next big game is this Sunday at 9PM ET — don't miss out!

May 9, 2018 — See your friends' answers and other people playing nearby

More HQ goodies are on the way, with this latest bundle launching during the Friday, May 11 game.
According to HQ, it's officially launching "Friends Friday" which will allow you to see your friends' answers during Friday's game. This is something we caught an early glimpse of last month, and it's a great way to see how your friends are doing while you all play together.
Also new is something called Nearby Freinds. If other people are playing HQ around you but aren't in your address book/contacts, you'll still see them pop up during a game.

Interested in participating in the HQ phenomenon? Here's everything you need to get started having fun and winning some cash.

What is HQ Trivia?

Think of HQ Trivia as a live game-show app. It's very much like Jeopardy! except you don't have to fly to a TV studio to get in on the action and play.
Twice on weekdays at 3 pm and 9 pm Eastern, a host hands out multiple choice questions on a wide range of topics and you answer as best you can. Get all 12 correct and you win a share of the pot. Get a question wrong, and you're out for the session and will need to wait until the next round to try again.
You watch and play right from your phone, as it happens in real time, against hundreds of thousands of other players. Prizes range from a few dollars to a whopping $20,000 we saw given away in that Super Bowl game and it goes straight into your PayPal account. It's a lot of fun and a chance to win real money — two things we all love. Prizes for Sunday night games now regularly top out around $25,000

How to download HQ Trivia

That's the easiest part! HQ Trivia for Android is officially out of beta so all you need to do is fire up the Google Play Store app!
Downloading and installing HQ Trivia is completely free.